Why Patriot Steel Buildings

Patriot Steel Buildings is committed to helping you achieve a successful self-storage investment!

Customer service excellence is our priority and is provided from inception throughout completion.  You will definitely benefit from our assistance during the planning and configuration of your project.  We put our experience to work to insure your optimum earning potential.

Even though steel prices are determined by the industry and fluctuate periodically, we always maintain extremely competitive pricing.  We offer even greater discounts on our pre-designed layouts displayed on our website.  In addition, our multiple ship points across the United States guarantee the lowest freight costs.

Patriot Steel Buildings are designed for superior quality.  Every building is engineered to meet or exceed even the most stringent building code requirements.  Our buildings and roll up doors are available in an array of colors that come with an extensive paint warranty.  Furthermore, our erecting crews are masters of steel construction, and their services include a full year warranty.

Thank you for considering Patriot Steel Buildings.  We hope you enjoy your experience at our website.  Feel free to contact us to learn more or discuss your self-storage project.

Invest in Steel Self  Storage Buildings

The number of investments in steel mini storage buildings has increased because of three things: relatively low monthly maintenance costs, high profit potential, and the general ease of ownership.  These facilities offer several advantages over investments in residential or other commercial real estate opportunities.  Steel self storage buildings require no costly inventory and necessitate a minimal work force.  To invest in the steel mini storage business at this time is a profitable investment for anyone to make.

When an investor considers purchasing a property, often the most important aspect he or she considers is the basic monthly cost associated with the operations of that business.  Unlike other commercial businesses, steel self storage buildings have minimal monthly financial demands.  There is no inventory to tie up much needed capital.  Other businesses that require an inventory of goods generally dedicate almost thirty percent of revenues to purchase and store the necessary goods.  There is also only a minimal commitment to labor – most steel mini storage building businesses only require one full time employee. Compare this to other businesses that require dozens of employees forcing labor costs to near forty percent of revenue.

Investment in steel self storage buildings requires an unusually low amount of recurring monthly costs.  A profit margin is the gross profit minus all maintenance costs, labor costs, inventory costs, and other non-controllable costs such as rent or mortgage payments.  A profit margin can also be termed as a net profit or the bottom line take home money at the end of the month.  When investing in potential business opportunities, an investor will strongly consider the ability to secure a large profit margin.  The larger the margin, the more money can be earned off of the property.  When these considerations are taken into account, investments in steel mini storage buildings are often believed to be some of the most profitable.

Often a secondary consideration when discussing real estate or business investments is the ease of management of said property or business.  Any business opportunity has management issues.  These management issues are not necessarily directly related to profit margin. For example, just because a restaurant may be hard to run does not mean that it will not be profitable.  However, it does mean that creating a profit will be harder and more stressful.  Due to the reasons, already mentioned related to inventory and labor, a steel mini storage facility is extremely low stress.  This lack of stress translates into an ease of management that is not felt in other business opportunities.  Therefore, while not a primary concern, the ease of running a self storage business contributes to the popularity of this particular investment.

There has never been a better time to invest in steel self storage buildings.